Our history begins in the late 1930´s when the two brother tailors Hans and Jesper Lund were sent abroad to learn the highest level of pattern cutting. Hans took off to America whilst Jesper underwent his education at the renowned tailors Anderson & Sheppard on Savile Row in London.

The brothers returned to their native Stockholm in 1949. They opened their atelier Lund & Lund at Sturegatan 10 from where they offered Stockholm’s gentleman tailoring of the highest order.

The late 1950´s saw the heyday of industrially produced and made to measure clothing. Here too, the two brothers saw opportunities to play a leading role. They found perfect premises right next door at Sturegatan 12. These were refurbished in an English Style and opened for business in 1963.

The shop still looks almost the same as it did more than forty years ago. The company is managed by Gunnar Lund, his cousin Anders Södergren and

Marcus Klaar. In the store, you will also meet our talented colleague Måns Nelson och Victor Segerström.

Our clients are men of all ages who all share a desire to be well-dressed with a personal touch or, as Gunnar likes to say “Classic with a twist”.

Different occasions make different demands on how we are dressed. It is not always easy to find clothes that match the individual and the occasion. Over the years, we have helped our clients set their own stamp on their weekday and party outfits.

We are at your service irrespective of your age or preferences. Staff of two generations are always at hand to be better able to cater successfully to your every need.

We have many years experience of dealing with style, fashion and high quality standards. Just let us know what it is that you need.

Visit us at sturegatan 12, stockholm, sweden map
+46 8 661 07 35