Always follow the invitation card. It may sound obvious, but often it is the theme of the party that determines how you should dress. If it is difficult to interpret the invitation we can always help you.
Do you want to get married in a tuxedo? By all means, do it and dare to break old traditions. You are the one in charge, just don't forget to tie the bowtie yourself.
Dress Shoes
To complete the tuxedo look, you should not forget to take on a pair of well-polished leather shoes.
A little more dressy sneakers work just as well for a picnic in the park as the, hopefully, subsequent drink in the city.
Denim Shirt
Denim shirts give a free and more casual impression. If you don't want to wear a shirt, we suggest replacing it with a thin round neck sweater.
Dare to be playful but be sure to put on something that you feel comfortable in. Perhaps a casual blazer would be appropriate?
A white shirt is always elegant. If you want to make a more relaxed impression, a light blue shirt would be more appropriate.
Wearing a tie isn't required at many workplaces, but for safety's sake you should always have one in your pocket so you are not caught off-guard.
Do you have a favorite suit? Then wear it! Otherwise, we can recommend a suit in a light blue tone. It's not too formal but not too casual.

We can help you dress for any occasion. Whether it's a wedding, funeral or a birthday party. Stop by and we will help you find what suits you. Either with something we have finished in the store or something made to measure.

When you buy something made to measure with us, we make adjustments in the shop according to your standard size. You can choose everything from the fabric to color to model. When your order has arrived at the store, we confirm that all measurements are correct to ensure that the suit will fit you perfectly.

We are here to help you. Just let us know what you are looking for and we'll try to give you the help you need.

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